Grow your business online with insight for impact.

When the road has taken you in search of a trustworthy partner to help navigate the process of building a new website. 

Grow your business online with insight for impact.

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When the road has taken you in search of a trustworthy partner to help navigate the process of building a new website and visibility for the business. 

What's the call to action?

The business is ready to grow beyond the start-up / DIY phase?

Having difficulty communicating about the business and services?

Challenged finding a specialist who will listen and follow through to completion?

Whatever’s happening in your business, the call to action has led you here.


Stargazer is dedicated to bringing a business’s story to life in the most insightful and impactful way. We take a story-first approach to define the messaging, how to communicate it and where will it be told and to whom.  Each project includes a deep dive into the inspiration for the business, an assessment of where it is today, future growth and revenue plans. We collaborate closely to ensure what we create together is rooted in the vision and values of the business.

From websites to strategy, solutions are recommended to be most aligned with the growth phase of your business – not chasing the latest marketing or tech trends.

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Website design

Every website design reflects the uniqueness of your business and the technology recommendation is based on what best serves the business needs.

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Brand strategy

Demystify marketing communications with a unique brand messaging position and an action plan that is rooted in the vision for your business growth.

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Consulting & training

Get your immediate marketing communications or website questions answered or the training needed to keep the business moving forward with a 90-minute consult. Some thought starters…

  • Discuss where and how to invest in marketing resources for your business
  • Training on a website platform or social media channel
  • Audit of current website or marketing activities with actionable enhancement recommendations

This consult is $150 to be paid at time of booking. If this fee is not accessible for you, please contact with the email form to discuss a pay what you can option.

Communicator that listens first

Dana Escamilla (she/her) created Stargazer to help businesses get ‘it’ and get ‘it’ done.  With the ever-evolving digital landscape and a sea of options out there, she collaborates closely with clients in finding the way that’s not about the business  keeping up, but staying true to the values. This process always begins with listening first. 

Dana Escamilla founder of Stargazer

Recent client collaborations

“My website was getting stale and was no longer representing where my business had evolved to. I engaged Dana at Stargazer to redevelop the website. 

Within the week of launch, I had already signed on 5 new clients, and within the next couple weeks, I was getting new speaking opportunities, podcast interviews and additional clients. Furthermore I found that incoming leads completely understood my service offerings, since Dana was able to clearly articulate what exactly I offered. This made for a much more qualified client reaching out to me, i.e. clients that had a clear fit and need for my type of work. 

I whole-heartedly recommend Dana to help you discover the soul of your business and amplify it for your clients to experience.”


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