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The Synopsis

Branding and marketing today is a complex system of storytelling, networking and technology. With all the marketing channels and content to create it can be a lot for small businesses to maneuver and manage. Stargazer exists to navigate the confusion and complexities so brands can confidently communicate. More importantly, genuinely sell product and services in a way most aligned with the business. It’s not a one size fits all approach. Nor is it a one-stop shop. Or a solo endeavor. 

Stargazer’s founder, Dana Escamilla, thrives on collaborating with clients to craft their unique brand story experience. This experience is grounded in positioning, strategic planning and a powerful digital domain.  Stargazer is also a collective resource for referring and partnering with creative, marketing and business specialists and technology solutions that will best serve the business needs. 

Third Person Story

Dana Escamilla (she/her) is a seasoned marketing professional having worked for and with many global brands. She began her career in the multi-faceted marketing communications field working for brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Pioneer Electronics USA and Belkin International. Moving to the agency side as an account manager with boutique digital agency, The Branding Farm, she became a strategic partner to clients such as NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, and Skechers. The agency experience kept her on the cutting edge of the digital landscape and fostered her passion for creating custom websites.

Whether as a client working with agencies or at an agency working with clients, she has continuously been driven to find the genuine way to tell a brand story. She approaches communications with the philosophy that it’s not about keeping up, but staying true. She started Stargazer to be the partner to guide brands to get it and get it done.

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This badge represents my pledge to the ethical move in service of a new marketing standard based on transparency, trust, and honesty.

Please connect with me if you see me not honoring my pledge.

First Person Notes

Here are a few conversation starters…

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Nurtures in Nature

I live in port town San Pedro, California. I’m fortunate to live in a scenic seaside town and spend my mornings walking and hiking about taking pictures of what inspires me. Being outside with nature fuels me. I’m obsessed with trees. I can’t name them, but appreciate them none the less. Fall is my favorite season which has inspired much of my own branding and many travel adventures.

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Assesses the Self

I love to learn more about what makes me tick and what can tick me off. So for those who are familiar with Myers Briggs, Enneagram, Western Astrology, Love Languages or Human Design:

  • ENFP

  • Enneagram 2 – The Helper

  • Aries Sun, Capricorn Moon, Gemini Rising

  • Acts of Service

  • Generator

What does this all mean? Admittedly, I haven’t studied any one “type” in depth, but my current distillation is… I’m an independent empathetic helper who thrives when creating and getting things done. Oh and I can be “a bit” stubborn… but with good intention!

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Brings Reality TV to life

My path to entrepreneurship initially began with Taste of Reality. Inspired by my friends choosing restaurants to go to based on places they saw in their favorite docu-series reality TV shows, the website was launched as a reality TV filming location directory. A way to connect fans with local businesses. Today, Taste of Reality has grown into a popular reality tv fan destination with news, business directory, podcast network and e-commerce store. I’m most proud to be working with and inspired by the team of creators who bring their gifts of humor, insight, and sense of community to fellow reality TV fans.

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