An inspired approach to brand positioning

Inspired companies and leaders regardless of their size or their industry thinks, acts and communicates from the inside out.

Simon Sinek – Start With Why

Marketers, brand strategists and ad agencies will have different approaches to brand positioning. Typically it will include some level of: 

  • market research to understand the customer and audiences
  • competitive and inspirational review to understand the industry
  • assessment of what is already being communicated from the brand (internally and externally)
  • discussions with key people to understand the company vision, values and culture

Depending on the size of the company, talking with people in various positions is critically important as positioning is what ultimately will resonate internally and externally. Positioning can shape culture as well as customer perceptions and experiences.  

We’ve found most often with businesses there is a reason why the founder started a business and tapping into this core “why” is the best asset for developing a strong brand position. It’s based on the inspiration, vision and values of the company.  These aspects are key ways to differentiate – even if it may seem like everyone says and does the same thing. The truth is it’s often already being exemplified and inherently being communicated.

Taking time to go through an assessment or working with a brand strategist can bring to light where there’s an opportunity to own a unique message that only your business can express. This is the opportunity to lean into when crafting a communications plan in an aligned way that builds the brand from the inside out.  From there, it’s up to the customer to decide where your brand fits and whether or not it’s relevant to them. This decision is most often based on interactions, experiences, circumstances and exposure to the brand’s messages.

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