Define your brand & marketing strategy

There is no one-sized fits all communications or silver-bullet approach to building a brand. Stargazer approaches brand and marketing communications strategy by proposing doing what is most aligned with the vision and values balanced with what is feasible to execute in the current business phase. Once the roots are firmly planted, then the implementation of layering on channels and expanding tactics begins to build the vision for the future. It is not a “do everything” and “be everywhere” strategy – unless you have a team and sizable budget.

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Define what’s unique about the business.

Clarify the service offering, ideal client, target audience, voice and story.

Identify marketing channels that will work best for communicating.

Communicate with confidence

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The inspiration for the business begins with wanting to do something different in the industry. To make an impact.  To bring a unique perspective or way to serve that is often shaped by the founder’s vision. This is what’s special about your business. 

What we know as specialists in our relevant fields and industry soon becomes a quest of knowledge in all areas of business and life. And one of the most challenging lessons is how to communicate internally and externally about what’s unique about the business.  

Defining and crafting the story with a strategic approach helps drastically reduce some of the confusion and complexities so you can confidently communicate about your business and service offering while genuinely selling in a way most aligned with the vision.

How we strategize together

Whether the business is a start up or scale phase, get a clear plan for how best to build the brand and market the message.

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The process begins with a qualitative analysis of the founder’s story and business. We have two 90 minute guided conversations to review the inspiration for the business, offering, customer, business goals, the current market, and a communications review.
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The information is distilled down into an initial presentation of what is an own able and genuine messaging position and unique reasons to believe. Once the positioning is defined, it then moves into the tactical marketing communications plan based around the goals.

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The final deliverable is a presentation deck that includes the business story, positioning and detailed outline of the communications plan. Training and/or reference materials to begin activating on the marketing communications will be provided.

What's included

Every enagement is quoted uniquely. Consider this a baseline:

  • Two 90-minute Discovery Session Interviews to gain a clear understanding of the vision and goals of the brand and business.
  • Distilled statements that articulates an aligned and own-able communication positioning.
  • Summary reasons to believe to guide the vision of the messaging, ideal client and map of offering.
  • Communications audit and review of inspirations.
  • Broad outline of a tactical marketing plan that falls in line with brand positioning.
  • Concepts provided on channels or objective to best set up for activation: ad campaign ideas, website user experience outline, brand identity, social media templates.


Prices will vary based on the size of the business, brand and objectives. Once we discuss the challenges and goals, a proposal will be provided.

Brands we've strategized with

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