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Vish Chatterji, founder of Head & Heart Insights, is former corporate colleague, day-one client of Stargazer and more importantly long-time friend. As Vish has evolved as entrepreneur and author, so has his web presence. I’ve had the honor to work with him on three iterations of the Head & Heart Insight website in support of his coaching business evolution over the past six years and the launch of the Business Casual Yogi book.

The latest version of the Head & Heart Insights site launched in 2022 was once again inspired by an expansive shift in the service offering. Vish was feeling out of alignment with the previous iteration not only visually, but more importantly in positioning the varied services in a way that aligned with different audiences.

To get to the heart of how best to position Vish and develop the Head & Hearts messaging we underwent a deep discovery process. This process included asking Vish questions about his future vision, how he wants to be perceived by his audience and what are his current clients coming to him for and what are they saying. He shared from his heart what his goals were for his work and remained open answering some challenging questions. This helped shape a messaging plan that was oriented with his personal vision and one that would speak to his particular ideal clients. 

Through out our discovery processes new services were inspired such as the Business Casual Yogi coaching program and repositioned the small business coaching offering. Once the messaging and offering became clear the design of the site flowed. For the latest iteration of the site, Vish hired a photographer which not only captured his multifaceted nature beautifully, but also elevated the site design tremendously.

It’s been quite a journey working with Vish as both of us ventured into entrepreneurship around the same time. It’s been an honor to be apart of crafting the Head & Heart Insights brand story while witnessing the evolution of the business and all Vish has to offer in his coaching and teaching.

My website was getting stale and was no longer representing where my business had evolved to. I engaged Dana at Stargazer to redevelop the website. 

Within the week of launch, I had already signed on 5 new clients, and within the next couple weeks, I was getting new speaking opportunities, podcast interviews and additional clients. Furthermore I found that incoming leads completely understood my service offerings, since Dana was able to clearly articulate what exactly I offered. This made for a much more qualified client reaching out to me, i.e. clients that had a clear fit and need for my type of work. 

I whole-heartedly recommend Dana to help you discover the soul of your business and amplify it for your clients to experience.

Vish Chatterji, Head & Heart Insights

Insights & Impacts

  • Clarified the personal brand positioning and business services
  • Evolved the unified brand messaging to encompass the various service offerings
  • Repositioned copy to speak more directly to the client experience vs credential expertise
  • In V2 of the website, the Business Casual Yogi program was created to launch the personal development offering and provides a way to activate the teachings from the book
  • In V3 of the website, we created a separate small business & entrepreneur coaching offering and expanded Jyotish offering

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