Produce a project with peace of mind

Projects large and small are at the heart of any business endeavor.  To create some thing for the benefit of moving the business and brand forward is instrumental. At times it can be quite overwhelming to manage all the moving pieces while also handling the usual day-to-day operations.  Challenges inevitably arise and no matter the size of the project deliverable or team, Stargazer approaches project management support with a clear mission to provide peace-of-mind with empathy and process so you can get it done with greater ease. 

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Get it done with ease and efficiency.

Be accountable internally and externally.

Bring in process and organization to complete a large project.

Project management support

Whether you’re a digital agency looking for a senior-level producer to support the team for a large website / software product build or a solopreneur seeking to create a significant piece of work, we are the partners to help guide the project.

Solopreneur Project Consultant

Navigate creating a specific project deliverable or develop a communications channel with organized process-oriented support and gentle accountability.

Here are some of the types of projects Stargazer can support you with:

  • Create a new service offering with a promotional plan
  • DIY a new or modify your existing website with messaging, creative and occasional technical support
  • Develop a workshop and / or series with a promotional plan
  • Communication channel strategy, posting plan and content outline (social media, email, podcast etc)

Agency Interactive Producer

Bring on an additional team member to manage the a large custom website or software build from discovery to delivery. 

Here are some of the ways Stargazer can support the team:

  • Manage all client account, agency and internal team communications 
  • Establish timelines and milestones with day-to-day schedule management
  • Collaborate closely with strategists, UX designers and developers to ensure delivery is on strategy and on time
  • Facilitate status, stand-ups, discovery and work review meetings 
  • Track and manage the budget and monitor for scope changes.
  • Content entry and QA support

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